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Circle of Determiners/Quantifiers

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Draw a great big circle on the the board and round the edge
of the circle write the determiners ....all.....nearly all..
..most..many..a lot of...few.... etc.
Then inside the circle write underlined topic headings
such as LIVE EAT BUY WEAR ...general topics that
are easy to talk about.
Then brainstorm through the topics and write the words the
students suggest on the board. For example under LIE you
might have city, apartments, forest ,country,townhouse etc.
Next, break the students into groups of 3
and model a conversation about their country like this
A: I think most people in Thailand live in apartments. Do
you agree(B)?
B: Well,no I think a lot of people live in apartments.
Also I think some people live in townhouses.
Is this correct (C)?
C: Yes, I think so. And I think few people live in forests.
Do you both agree with me?
With the different topics and vocab on the board this
generally keeps students talking for a while.

Peter Snashall(find more activities like this at the
address below

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