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Spelling B

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This game works very well with classes sizes of 6 or more. The object is spelling practice.
Have the students break into groups of 2 (or more depending on class size). They must sit in their chairs or, depending on how large the classroom is, stand against the back wall. The teacher holds up a card with a picture on it and the students must spell the word. The first student on each team runs to the board and writes the first letter. They then run back and tag the next person who runs to the board and writes the next letter. And so on. The team to complete the word first are the winners and a point is given.
This game can be noisy but is a lot of fun. The team mates can help the writer by shouting out the correct answer or trying to write the letter in the air. Even the quietest students participate and love it!!
Can be used for entire sentences as well!!

Karin Jay
Himeji, Japan
[email protected]

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