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The aims of the activity are to teach/revise vocabulary and to encourage listening comprehension. Also, it may prove useful for simple conversation practice.

What to do:

Take a few stickers and write on them the names of different objects in the room where you happen to be. Stick the labels on the right places (eg ashtray, book, door, table, TV set, video, window...)

Then ask your student to describe the room, naming the different objects and saying where they are (The book is on the table, the video is next to the TV set...)

You may also ask questions like "Where is the ashtray?" or "What colour is the door?"

Kids like moving about, so you can ask them to "Stand in front of A", "Touch B!", "Bring me C!" etc.

Tips: Try a different room every time and watch your student´s vocabulary range grow fast! If you´d like to tease your student a bit, just place some labels in the wrong places and see if s/he can set things right.

Joan M Díez Clivillé
Amposta, Spain
[email protected]

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