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The 21st C is at our doorstep and we still hear of women being illtreated in some way or other in many parts of the world. The aim of this teaching idea is to discuss the roles of women in society. Students answer a number of questions and debate issues such as human rights, discrimination for reason of sex, sexist language and the women´s liberation movement.

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The following list of questions, tasks and discussion topics is a rough guide to deal with different aspects of the issues mentioned above. The list is by no means final and teachers are encouraged to adapt it to their own needs, choosing or adding whatever they think fit.

- In what ways (if any) are men and women different?
- Should boys and girls play with the same toys? Why? Why not?
- Can brothers and sisters get on well together or is that just impossible?
- Find some interesting poems/songs/proverbs about women and comment on them.
- Find some banknotes/stamps depicting women. Can you recognize them?
- Do you show your feelings easily or are you the shy type? Why do you think you are like that? Are you happy or perhaps you think you should change your attitude?
- Find out about the International Declaration of Human Rights. Refer to its main points and comment on them.
- Do you know of any countries where women are treated unfairly? What is their life like there?
- Do men and women have the same rights in your country? How do you like that?
- What qualities do you admire most in people?
- Which is most important for you, good looks or a pleasant personality? Why?
- Who gets the highest marks in your class, boys or girls? How do you explain that?
- Is it right for women to find a job or should they stay at home?
- Do you think housewives live an easy and happy life?
- Are men capable of doing the housework?
- How do you share the household chores at home?
- Should women do the military service?
- Some men beat their girlfriends/wives. Do you think that is tolerable or should the men be punished?
- When a couple are divorced, their children usually go to live with their mother. Is that a good idea?
- Find some women who work outside the home and ask them to tell you about their daily routines.
- Find some men who are happy to help with the household chores and interview them.
- Can you name any famous women? What do you know about them?
- Do some research on a few of the women in the list and tell your classmates about them.
- Can you name other famous women who are not included in the list? What are they famous for?
- Which is the best job you can think of ? Do you know any men who do that job? And any women?
- Does your mother tongue contain a lot of sexist language? What can be done about that?
- Try and read about the Women´s Liberation movement. Write a composition expressing your views on it.
- Tell the class a really funny joke. Make sure it is not offensive in any way first!
- Write a letter to a friend (or to your teacher) telling him/her what you have learnt while carrying out this project.
- Have your views on women changed in any way after doing this project? Please explain.

Joan M. Díez Clivillé
Amposta, Spain
[email protected]

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