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Breaking Down Reading Process: Paragraph/Notebook

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Submitted by: CHRISTINE M. CANNING, UAE University

EMAIL: [email protected] or [email protected]

Mail: POB 17172, UAE University, Al Ain, UAE


1. Photocopy a one page reading. Ask the students to cut out each paragraph and tape it (paragraph by paragraph) inside the notebook. Between each paragraph ask the students to skip 10 lines.

2. In pencil ask the students to underline all of the vocabulary words they do not understand. Tell them to write each word under the paragraph. Ask each student to put their words on the board.
Under the paragraph ask the students to come up with a working definition based on context clues from the reading.

2. Ask students to write the main idea for the paragraph. An alternative option would be to ask them to write a concluding sentence that summarizes the paragraph.

3. Ask students to list any facts or supporting details they find in the paragraph. Compare students answers on the board. Allow students to add or detract from their lists in their notebooks.

4. Ask students to circle all of the verbs in the paragraph. OR ask the students to write an opinion statement about the paragraph.

REPEAT FOR EACH PARAGRAPH. This exercise works well with low level learners, multiple repeaters who keep retaking a course because they fail the reading section, or for those students who need constant reinforcement to recognize patterns. If you have further questions, feel free to contact me.

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