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I teach at an all girls boarding school where we have had a terrible time getting the girls to even try to speak English--most of them are Mexican and Spanish runs rampant. So we have instituted the Speak English Card system:

Each student carries with her a laminated card with 20 boxes, each box worth $.50. Each time the student uses L1 without permission, she gets a mark. When she gets 20 marks ($10.00) at the end of the first trimester, she writes a letter home to her parents telling of the matter and meets with a group of teachers to discuss the problem
(and of course find a suitable punishment--i.e. sweeping, mopping, kitchen duty). The second trimester, the limit is 16 times, the third trimester, the limit is 10 times. At the end of each trimester, the class decides to what charity they would like to donate the money.
It may sound harsh, but it has worked! The girls have made it into a competition and are trying much more.

R.E. Yang
Canon City, CO, USA

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