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English Only with Stickers

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I use a combination of Kimberly and Mercedes's ideas and it
has really worked for me!

I used to be against English only in the classroom, but my
kids have requested it, and as others have said, it really
cuts down on extraneous talking and misbehavior in (some) classes.

I give each student a commercial (although you could easily
make your own) 5 x 5 grid. Each day that they speak English
only they get a sticker to put in a box.

If they have less than 4 stickers by the end of the week, I will
call their parents just to say that they need to practice more
English in class.

When each student fills up their charts (25 days of English Only,)
they get to choose a prize from the prize box (nifty school
supplies, about $1 each.)

When everyone in the class has filled in their chart, we get a
class reward. For our class, it is a trip outside of school
(dinner, a movie, lasertag, etc.) that I pay for. You may
modify this based on your circumstances -- a video in class,
game day, whatever, for the WHOLE class. This ensures that they
have to help (pressure) each other speak Enlgish only.

This system has been extremely successful for me this year. At
first I was only using it with one class, but then the other
classes asked if they could do it, too.

Good luck!

Concord, North Carolina

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