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The Spitting Image Quick Fix

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Use a mirror. Either buy a bunch of cheapo, school locker mirrors and
hand them out in class, or have your learners shell out for their own.
Makeup vanity cases, etc., also come in handy when learners just can't
seem to get the right sounds out of their mouths. Sometimes it's
amazing at how quickly a learner will pick up on the correct pronunciation
of a sound they have been having a tortuous time with, simply because they
can see how the teacher is moving their mouth/tongue and then compare that
with how they have been trying to replicate it. Using mirrors in the
classroom helps reinforce any pronunciation practice the learners may
be doing at home in front of their bathroom mirrors.

I'm surprised that no-one's made this suggestion before. Is it because
it's so obvious (and should I be feeling a tad embarrassed for doing so)?

Hope this is of some use. I've really enjoyed the majority of the other
suggestions that have been posted. Thanks.

Colin MacLean [email protected] Ottawa, Ontario

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