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I know there are very few computer science morons (like myself) left these days, but I believe students will feel more confident and will make the most of their cyberspace experience if you take the time to go through the following list and check that everyone knows what the different words mean. If you have access to the internet, just go online, visit a few sites and point at saves time and talk, believe me!

Address bar, Animation, Audio sample, Banner, Browser, Button, Chat, Click, Clip art, Database, Disk, Domain, Download, E-mail, FAQ, File, FTP, Hard drive, Homepage, Java applet, Link, Log In/Out, LOL, Mailing list, Message board, Midi, Modem, Mouse, Online/Offline, Password, Program, Register, Save, Search engine, Server, Site, Smileys, Software, Spam, Sponsor, Tool bar, Update, URL, User name, Video feed, Virus, Webmaster, Zip format.

Joan M. Diez Cliville
Amposta, Spain
[email protected]

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