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Play hangman with "market" and elicit "stall". Write the words Baker´s, Butcher´s, Eggs and Poultry , Fishmonger´s, Greengrocer´s and Grocer´s on flashcards and place them strategically around the classroom. Make sure that the students know what goods are sold at the different places. Make groups of shopkeepers and customers. Then ask the class to write their own lists of items to buy/sell. The customers make their way to the stalls and do their shopping. Help with structures and vocabulary when needed. (Can I help you? Have you got a/an/any...? I want a/an/some...I need a kilo of...How much is it? Here you are, etc.) A few simple props and maybe dressing up for the occasion will add a touch of realism...and it will be great fun!

Joan M. Diez Cliville
Amposta, Spain
[email protected]

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