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This game is alot of fun to warm up the class, and specifically to
practice adjectives and adverbs. It works best with small numbers,
or else with groups, otherwise not everybody will get to speak.
Simply create some cards with descriptions on them of the persona
the recipient will take on at the soiree you will enact as a class.
These should contain the most elaborate, silly and focused ideas
possible - for instance a celebrity who can't stop completing other
people's sentences, a depressed fish, etc. The object of the exercise
is for the rest of the class (who will be milling about asking
questions and watching as each new person arrives in turn, while
all the time retaining their own 'new identity') to guess in as much
detail as possible the character each student has assimilated. After
each student has had a chance to be heard by all and questioned by
most, bring the class back together and figure out who was who. It
will wake up the learners by making them move around and ask (produce)
English as well as understand and act accordingly. You of course
can answer comprehension problems stemming from the card cues. Make

Lorraine Rice
Currently at Ohio University
(but really a Brit...)

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