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Crazy Comparatives at High Speed

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This is a game I have played successfully with students at all levels, to review comparatives they have been learning.

You need to prepare a set of about 30-40 cards with miscellaneous nouns on them. Don't repeat any words. Divide your class up into two teams and have them stand in two lines. Give the first two a card each. They must read out their words at the same time, and then make a sentnce comparing the two nouns. The first to make a comparison between the two words gets a point. (Obviously the more varied the nouns, the more creative the sentences will be) They then move to the back of their line and the loser stays on to compete with the next challenger, and so on. The game can go for quite a while if the students get excited.

It can be quite noisy, but it's a lot of fun. I usually don't give the point unless the sentence is structured correctly, which encourages team work.

You will definitely end up with a lot of crazy sentences, which makes the game a lot of fun for everyone!

Vanessa McDaid
Adelaide, Australia
[email protected]

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