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Run and Write

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This game involves speaking, listening, reading and writing. Who could ask for more?
It can be used for all ability levels. You type 2 SHORT (3-4 sentences) paragraphs from a story or article
the students have read putting a star(*) in front of the 2nd paragraph. Move the chairs to the sides of the room
and tape one copy of the paragraphs for each pair of students on the back wall at eye level.
Put one chair for each pair in the front of the room facing the back. One student from each pair sits
in a chair with paper and pencil. The other student stands by one of the papers on the wall.
The student standing is the runner and the other is the secretary. When you say GO, the runner reads the story,
remembers as much as possible, runs to his partner and dictates what he can. The secretary listens and writes the story.
The runner goes back and forth, telling the story to the secretary. When the first paragraph is finished (at the star), the
students change places: the runner becomes the secretary and the other is the
runner. Put a #1 on the paper of the first pair to finish and give them a copy of the original from
the wall. The students sit together
and check their paper with the original making any necessary changes. The second pair to finish gets a #2 on their paper, and
so on. The winners get the Gold Medal, the 2nd, the Silver Medal and the 3rd, the Bronze Medal.
Be sure the chairs are far enough away from the back wall so the runners are not able to yell at their partners.
They have to run. In my experience, teenagers and adults like this activity, probably, children would too.

Susan Breon
Veracruz, Veracruz, Mexico
Email: [email protected]

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