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Picture Whispers

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This is a game I play with a lot of my classes, from beginning to advanced.

Remember the telephone game (A.K.A Chinese whispers), which involves students whispering a message down a line of students?

Picture whispers works on the same principle, only the class is divided into teams, each of which has a copy of the same picture. One studentis designated 'picture person' and one 'drawer'. The picture person alone can look at the picture, and must explain the picture to the next person in the line. It works best if only one item is communicated at a time (eg. There is a sofa on the left). That student in turn must tell the next, and so on, until the drawer hears the message, and obviously draws what he has been told. (I usually have the teams line up in front of the whiteboard, but paper works just as well.)
The picture person must also keep an eye on the board, so that any necessary corrections can be made.
The game continues until the teams are (nearly) finished, or until a time-limit has been reached.
Then you can show everybody the original picture, and check the copy in the board...I circle correct features, and add up the scores.

The level of English required depends a lot on the picture can make it as easy or as difficult as you want, using new vocabulary items, practicing prepositions, the present continuous or whatever else you can think of.

My students all love this game, and I love any kind of game, so it's perfect for my classes!
Have fun!

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