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Hi folks!

My name is Brad Vance and I teach a high school level composition
class in Tainan, Taiwan. As everyone knows, all classes drift into
the sands of Doldrum Desert from time to time. This class is in gen-
eral terms a pretty good class, but to keep them out of that nasty ole
desert I rack my brains--when I can find them--looking for something to
keep their interest up. Last week we were discussing ways of practi-
cal writing as opposed to a short composition each week. This class
only meets for two hours each Saturday evening. Well, suddenly some-
thing slapped me on the side of the head and it wasn't my ex-wife or
a bill collector, so I figured it was a good idea trying to get in.

The result was that we decided to open a web site for the class.
I let the students decide on a name and they came up with the moniker
of The Tainan Dreamers. There are ten students in the class and nine
of them have computers and eight have access to the web. From there,
things really started to roll. I went home that night and through the
free services of I took about three hours of my
time and set up the pages. I told them that this is to be viewed as a
personal responsibility and that they must update their page each week.

Well, we'll see how that goes!

I think this is fundamentally a good idea and if you are rambling
around in the cook book, you either are a dedicated teacher, want
to be one or are at the point of being fired for going to sleep
in class. So, if you think this might work for you, try it! It's
free and if you can't donate a couple of hours of your time to a class
shame on you.

If you are curious take a look at

and let us know what you think. Any suggestions will be greatly
appreciated and if you have students from any country who would like
to e-mail my students and correspond with them PLEASE DO!

Best wishes,

The Head Dreamer of The Tainan Dreamers

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