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Chain Gang Stories

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This practice is ideal for groups of five to seven students (you can break the class into groups for more listening practice).

The idea is the same as the old campfire games we played in the U.S.

One student begins with any portion of a sentence, or full sentence.
The next student repeats the prior sentence and adds to it something innovative which corresponds to the prior sentence.
This goes on until the final student completes the story.
For example: "The man on the street is handsome" "He is looking at the pretty woman" "And she is looking at him" "But so is the woman's boyfriend."

Encourage your students to be creative, have fun, but try to keep the story in a realistic mode.
I've had students go off the deep end with this exercise, adding silly sentences which only confuse the rest of the class.
Be sure to change the beginning person randomly, and the consecutive direction, so no one feels overly stressed by the exercise.

Once the students get the idea, they generally wish to spend more and more time with this.

Good luck.


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