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Simple Past

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I used this song 'How could an angel break my heart" by Toni Braxton in this activity. First I played the song so that the students could recognise it. Then I handed in a sheet of paper with the lyrics. I asked them to read through it while they listened to the song for the second time, and while doing so, they were asked to underline all the verbs in the simple past. I checked with them what they had underlined and then I played the videoclip. The videoclip of this song is very good for the student to have a whole comprehension of it, since it is very descriptive. By doing so, you can use this activity with basic students who are the ones that learn the simple past. After watching the clips I repeated the song with them to explain some new words that could difficult the understanding. Everybody sang the song and had a funny class.

Daniel Fernando Rodrigues
São José do Rio Preto - BRAZIL

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