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Maze Craze

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On the first day of class I like to have my students do a fun
activity that allows them to get used to working and speaking English
in pair and group settings. This is a little activity that's a lot
of fun.

First I find a relatively simple maze. Make sure that the maze is
large with only a few turns. Before beginning tell your students that
you are going to give them a really difficult activity. Pass out the
Mazes and have the students complete the maze as quickly as possible.
You may even make it a race. This should only take the students a few
seconds. After they finish ask them if it was difficult. They will
probably be confused because you told them earlier that this was a
difficult activity.

Now the fun part. Give each student a new maze and assign partners.
Tell one students to cover his eyes and their partner must give them
directions (in English) to get through the maze. I usually explain
this to my students and then with lower level classes we brainstorm
some of the words and phrases they may need to use. Then make a race
of it as students try to navigate the maze.

As an additional activity when all the students have finished the
mazes you can make a real life maze in your classroom out of
chairs or desks. Ask the students if they trust their partners.
Then ask one student to wait outside the room. Arrange the maze and
then bring the student back in the class with his/her eyes closed.
His/her partner must give instructions on how to walk through the
maze. This makes for a lot of laughs.

Have fun and good luck

Chip Potter
Taejon S. Korea
[email protected]

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