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Christmas Presents

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A simple but enjoyable way to wind up the last lesson before the
Christmas break is simply to take in a lot of small pieces of paper
and give each student as many of them as there are students in the
class (so that if there are sixteen students in the class each gets
sixteen, and so on). Take pieces of paper yourself as well. Then get
the class to write, on each piece of paper, the name of one other
person in the class until they have one for everybody (the teacher
included) except themselves. Then tell them they should choose a
suitable gift for each person in the room and write what it is on the
piece of paper bearing that person's name. You may set a budget or
give them unlimited resources, depending on the class. When everybody
has prepared their "gifts" they should circulate and give them to each
other, explaining what they've chosen and why. After the exchanging
process is finished you can "tie up" the activity by asking people to
say what they got and what were the best/strangest/most useful etc
presents they received.

Simon Gill, Olomouc, Czech Republic
email: [email protected]

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