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The Seven Up Game

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A game about numbers, and in particular number 7. The object is to revise the way numbers are written and read -in a challenging way, highlighting some common problems such as the difference between the minimal pair /i/ and /i:/ and when and when not use "and" etc.

A)Write the number 7 on the board. Ask a student to read it out. Then write the number 17. And then 70. Always combine the digits 0, 1 and 7 in any order you want (i.e. 77; 707; 717; 7,070; 77,717; 1,700,717 etc.) You can carry on until you reach 777,777,777. Whenever a student makes a mistake, s/he must give the teacher a personal object (a pen, book etc.) The next student should then give the correct answer.

B)When the first part of the game is over,students can recover their belongings by correctly answering a question related to numbers (i.e. How many eggs are there in a dozen eggs? or How many fingers have you got?)

C)Finally, choose five of the numbers on the board and ask the class to write them down in words.

Joan M Diez
Amposta, Tarragona (Spain)
[email protected]

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