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Friday Brainstorming

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This is a pretty good exercise for both vocabulary and speaking/
defending opinions. It can be a lot of fun too, because the students
can come up with some pretty whacked-out ideas. I make it a point
to play games every Friday...thus the title.

I get the students to write the numbers 1-10 a bunch of times on a
piece of paper. I tell them I'm going to say a word and they have to
write the first ten things that come to their mind, without thinking
or hesitating. I tell them it's a race (my students are rather competitive) and there will be a first, second, and third place winner. They just raise their hands or shout out when they are finished and then the whole class has to stop. Once I have the three winners, we write down their ideas on the board..(Here is where the conversation part comes in...and it can be pretty funny too...)

Some of the topics I have used are: Money
Studying English
The possibilities are endless really, and it can lead to some interesting discussions with the more advanced classes. When I've
said "money" before, I've gotten "murder", "government", "marriage"...all sorts of things , and it was interesting to hear my Chinese students' explanations...

Tammy : [email protected]
Qingdao, China

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