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I am a teacher in Korea and teach only Kindergarten to Elementary beginners. The first time I learnt this game it was called Amys Game and before that Who nows. Well here it is.
All you need are small pieces of paper. For reviewing a new structure eg What does she do? Shes a Teacher etc. Go around the class and get them to say all the occupations or any keyword for the structure and then demonstrate it to the class with an action. Write each on a card or piece of paper and place them in a bucket or tin. Do just enough for every student.
Divide the class in half. Now one person from a team comes out. The must draw out as many cards in say 45 seconds. They say for eg. What does she/he do? to their team. they then act what they have and their team must give the correct response ie She's/He's a teacher; before another card is drawn from the bucket. Teams take turns until all cards are gone. then add up which team has the most for that round, Put the cards back in and do it again . By the 3rd time the children are really getting into it. The Time constraint is very good and the other team will often count douwn the last 10 seconds. It is alot of fun.
I have found for different structures you can incorporate different levels to the game.
Level 1- Speaking and acting out.
Level 2 - No speaking
Level 3 - They can say only one word to describe the item etc.

Good luck

Stewart Jensen
Sth Korea

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