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Prentice Berge has a number of interesting points in his recipe. If I could, I would like to offer some of my observations.

1) Why give homework? For one thing, particularly in EFL situations, the students don't get enough interaction with English during classtime. Many times, students only get three or four hours a week of lessons. Or to put it another way, it takes 6-8 weeks to be in an English environment 1 24-hour day.

2) If it's important enough to teach, it's important enough to practice and elaborate on.

3) Students can do things away from class that they can't do in class- like write and read longer passages, design projects, etc.

4)Surprisingly, most students want to do something away from the classroom. In adult classes where I've been reluctant to give homework in the past, students have come up to me and asked for it. As long as it is real practice, and not just busy work, you don't have to feel bad about assigning homework.

Mike Thompson
[email protected]

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