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This game is based on the very popular quiz game Family Fortunes. A superb test your knowledge on many different and varied subjects, it brings up words that the students may not usually learn in an ordinary class.

First of all, it will take a good few hours to prepare questions and answers, eg.

*Something worn on a cold day 1) a woolly hat 2) a scarf 3)gloves 4)thick socks 5)warm coat 6)longjohns

*The scandinavian capitals 1)Oslo 2)Copenhagen 3)Stockholm 4)Helsinki

*A tool used in the garden 1)Spade 2)Fork 3)Lawnmower 4)Sheers 5)Hoe 6)Rake

In the classroom, seperate the students into two teams (best size between 3-7 students per team). Then write on the white/black board the answer spaces, eg.


Stand the first two students up from each team, ask the question and the first person who gets a correct answer, that team gets to answer the rest of the missing answers.
A wrong answer means they lose a life, they have three lifes to get all the missing answers, if they lose all their lives, the other team has one guess to steal all the points.

1 Spade
2 Fork
3 Lawnmower
4 Sheers
6 Rake

Five answers correct - five points awarded. If the first team could only get four answers and the second team guessed correctly at one of the remaining two answers, the second team would take all five points and the first team would receive nothing.

Always show the answers at the end of each round and explain the meaning if needed.

Ally Robinson
[email protected]
Bratislava, Slovak Republic.

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