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Pronunciation for Cantonese Speakers of English

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This is really only for Cantonese speakers living in Hong Kong and elsewhere.

Students very frequently say 'How to spell?' rather than 'How d'you spell it?'

A simple solution is to draw a pig's head/pig in the top corner of the board before each lesson- because pig in Cantonese sounds like the /dz u:/ in DUty free. When a student first makes the mistake point to the pig and ask for the name in Casntonese - then drill 'How /dz u:/ spell it? = How d'you spell it?

After you've intro'd the pig once - you simply need to point to it any time someone makes the mistake, and students will self-correct each other.

Hope this helps with an easily corrected, yet very common mistake.

Dominique Adams
British Council
Hong KOng
[email protected]

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