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I have taken so many ideas from this section that now itīs my turn to share something with you all.
This activity should be done the first day of class if students donīt know each other. Iīve done it many times and students love it!

1. Draw on the board as many objects as the letters in your name. The first letter of the name of each object must be a letter in your name. Draw the objects at random order.
2. Have your students tell you the names of each object and write them on the board.
3. Then, tell them that they have to put the first letter of the name of each object in the correct order so as to come up with your name.
4. Finally, ask your students to do the same so that the rest of the class can guess their names.
Example: I draw an apple, an elephant, a ring, a car, a girl, an island, and ant and a lamp. My name is Graciela.

Gra, from Argentina.
[email protected]

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