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What more can you ask than to have your students do the planning and
the teaching. All you do is provide a tree trunk, and let your
students provide the branches and the leaves.

Here's how it works. Imagine that you want to review the present tenses. Your
trunk is the present tenses. You divide your class up into groups and
ask each one to develop each of the four present tenses. The tense it
self is a branch, and the various uses are smaller branches. After
they've done this, up it all goes on the board. Each team explains
their branch. You could also re-divide the class, so that new groups
are made up of people from each group. They explain their tense to each
other.Their's no limit to what you can do here. It could become a
classroom decorating activity with sheets of cardboard using any
grammar point.

All you do as gardner is a bit of pruning and grafting to give
your students'trees the right shape.

Terrance Keller
Quebec City
[email protected]

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