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Internet opens wide prospectives in international news exchange. Due to Internet we are able not only to get in touch with each other, but also be aware of the latest world news.
It may seem funny, but my pupils have an opportunity to learn about hot British or American news earlier than the British or Americans themselves! It happens due to time difference. So it struck me to use English speaking countries E-papers in class. First my students used to read the articles on topics of personal interest. We discussed the reports to choose the most interesting one.
As for the newspapers, we used The Times and The New York Times. Those are the best, but not the easiest sources I should say.
Bit by bit we got possessed with the idea to make our own newsletter, called Digest, where we could place the most exciting news.
What is the technique of making Digest? In class we discuss the topic of a future issue, then students search for interesting articles in Internet. On the next stage they analyse the topic at home and, if neccessary, in class, so the result of this stage work is a referat of an article, expressed in a rather easy way. Finally, we arrange an Editorial Board Meeting to discuss the articles.
In conclusion I'd like to say that Digest allows students to practice in reading, writing and speaking, using authentic materials. You know what a problem it is to find suitable original texts on topics under study.
I'm interested much in arranging an international Digest project. I'll be pleased to come in contact with those interested.
e-mail: [email protected]
Alexander Muratov
Barnaul, Russia

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