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5x5 Word Game Show

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This idea comes from a tv game show I once saw in Spanish.
Think of a five-letter word, for example ‘heart’, and for each but one letter write a dot on the board, revealing only one of its letters, eg.:
Students call out a five-letter word, eg. ‘fears’. Circle the letters that appear in your word too, and put a square around the letters that not only appear in your word but are at the right place (e, a and r in my example). The goal is to find out the teacher's word in maximum five tries (hence the name; there are going to be five lines and five columns).
I found it an ideal warmer, especially if pairs can also give it a try, and this game can also work as a filler for those last two minutes of your lesson.

Susan (from Hungary)
e-mail: [email protected]

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