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If your students enjoy sports, this, I found, is a great way to practice not only the simple present, but sports terms as well. Choose a sport - a team sport is preferable - and then go over vocabulary, both verbs and nouns (i.e. pass, run, shoot, save, rebound, ball, basket, goal, etc.).

Divide the class into two teams, and have each team member choose a player name, either his/her own, or a pro. You are the referee. One team starts with possession of the ball/puck. Each player, if they have "possession", must say what they are doing, using a verb tense you have decided on. "Gretzky is SKATING up the ice/ He PASSES the ball to Michael JOrdan, etc.

A team can score IF they use the correct verb in its proper form. So, if a player says, "Jordan shoots the ball," that's a basket. If he says, "Jordan shoot, " that's not a basket. In a game with goaltenders, like hockey or soccer, if the student who is the goalie correctly says that his "player" saves the shot, no goal.

If, during the action, a player says the wrong thing, possession of the ball is turned over.

The great thing about this game is that you can make it harder as the students get better. Focus just on verb form to begin with, then on vocab, then on articles, and so on. If you have the time, you can make a game board, with individual player pieces the students can move around. This is good for smaller sized classes.

Ross Healy
Chonju, South Korea

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