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Music has alaways been recognised for its calming effects on the human mind and for its ability to rouse and inspire the spirit. Do not forget to include it in your class!!
Remember it surrounds us constantly and it is employed to stir our senses. Use music at different stages: before teaching play some music - instrumental- to make students relax. It has been proved that it increases learning. Then you can not only work with listening activities like fill in the gaps; I also use music with my students to help them write better compositions. Select different pieces of songs and ask them to write the story of a personīs life - You can show a photo and tell them the music they listen represents different stages of this personīs life.
I am researching into the power of music in language learning and you would be amazed to learn how much they connect to each other!!
Remember that music promotes, mantains and restores mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health and facilitates contact, interaction, self-awareness and communication.
Name: Cecilia Ramirez
E-mail: [email protected]
Location: Buenos Aires. Argentina.
Comments welcome!

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