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This a game that has the most success when practicing the simple present perfect, but could be used for other structures. Each student must come up with two sentences, one positive and one negative, in which they relate two things which they hope are unique to themselves. A good example is one student who was able to tell us that she had eaten crocodile meat, but had never drunk milk. After everyone makes their two sentences and shares them with the class, the rest of the students indicate whether or not they have or have not done the same thing. The winner is the person who has had the most unique experiences. The activity is especially good with intermediate students who can make longer sentences to specify in greater detail their experiences, for example, "I have ridden from my hometown to Tokyo on a red Honda 350zx motorcycle in the middle of a snowstorm." Anyways, it is pretty good with adults.

Patrick Hanlon
Osaka, Japan
[email protected]

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