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This only works one-on-one. Good for speaking practice, eliciting
vocabulary, and error correction. Students become more aware
of the mistakes they make.
I start by giving the student a photograph/picture.
I explain that he is to tell me about the photo and I will
write down everything he says.
If the student gets stuck.. I'll ask a question to keep him
talking. I write down verbatim what the student says.
When he ends the story/description, we go over each sentence together.
I read the sentence out loud and show him what he said.
The student is sometimes surprised at what he said. I give him the
chance to correct the error, pointing out the "perfect" sentences
If there is a more common or better way to say something, I will let the
student know. I have the student copy down in his notebook what he
said and how it was corrected.

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