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Sentence Stepping Stones

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I have played this game from beginner to advanced. I make four
teams in a large classroom. One student from each team goes to
the blackboard where they have an original team name. The board
is divided into four spaces with blue chalk like a river. I draw
stepping stones in the "river". The idea is to make a sentence by
stepping across the "river" and not falling in. For beginners, I draw
four or five stepping stones in the river, but for more advanced, ten
stepping stones are more challenging. I usually begin the competition
by giving the first word, like "I", "The", "What", "Canada", "A", "She",
"People". It's difficult for some students so I either do a lot of
coaching or just dictation. It helps facilitate text book study and
especially difficult grammar points like correct usage of definate
and idefinate articles.

Michael James Wilson
Munkyong Girl's Middle School South Korea
[email protected]

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