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Getting Inspiration Through Songs

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I learned this activity in a seminar and practiced with my students. I ask them to relax and close their eyes; then I play a song on the tape recorder. While they are listening, you can suggest a situation, for example you can sugest them to imagine they are making an imaginary trip to any place transported by the song they are listening, and then ask them to write a report or description of that place. You can also play the song without saying anything, and they have to write how or what they feel when listening to that song. You can vary the songs and you will see that they relax and narrate differnet stories. You can know your students better, and try to understand them. Donít be severe when correcting their mistakes. remember that this is free writing, and you are giving them the opportunity to express themselves. Then if they want, they can share their experiences with the rest of the class.

Mauricio Vizcano
[email protected]

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