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The Bill Clinton Game

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Here's a game that I created based on current affairs and the president.
The game can be played by any number of high-intermediate or advanced students.
The idea is that each student will have a turn at pretending to be Bill Clinton
or Hillary Clinton. Index cards bearing embarassing situations are placed in the
center of the table. Typical situations are some that the president has no-doubt
experienced - lipstick on the collar, love note from Monica, late night phone calls,
shirt buttoned up wrong and smelling of cheap perfume, etc. One student plays Bill
and the other plays Hillary who has to confront Bill over each situation card.
The student playing Bill has to come up with a convincing lie to cover-up his mistake.
I have used this game quite successfully and the students have a terrific time trying to
come up with imaginative excuses or if they are "Hillary" to catch "Bill" in a story that
doesn't make sense....A few props such as a blond wig and a pinnochio nose make this game
even more enjoyable. Students can vote for the best "Bill" and "Hillary" at the end of the game.

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