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Chain Story

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Hi, I'm a student from Macau. This is the game that I've used as one of the activity ain my lesson plan.

Here is the procedures:

1. Divide the class in groups of 6-7 students.
2. Ask each member of the groups pick out one object from their bag.
3. Have each group create a story by using their objects.
4. Ask each group present their own story to the class.
5. Disscuss which group is the best.
6. Give the prize to the winner.

In this activity, there are several adventages: a. It may involve both writing, speaking and listening skills. b. Every student are involved duling the activity.
c. it's also a highly motivate activity, too.

Name: Josephine
E-mail: [email protected]
Location: Macau. UMAC

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