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I'm working in a local government school in Hong Kong. My students are highly unmotivated and my classes are large. I used to have problems getting the attention of the noisy students in my oral classes but no more. I made up little name chits for every student in the class (approximately 40 students). I put the chits into an envelop. I ask the last student that was called upon to pull out the name of be the next student to say their diologue.
If I catch a student talking during the exercise, I get the talker and his/her partner to stand up and recite the diologue but their name chit stays in the envelop so they still can be called on next to recite. I introduced this to control my class but now it is great fun for all to anticipate the next name as it is being drawn. The reaction a friend gets as they drawn another friends name is entertaining to watch. I can't forget to mention the effectivness of peer pressure. The noisy student's partner will help you keep them quiet.

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