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Ouestioning the Teacher

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Students are always curious about their teachers and each other, so this can be played in pairs or between class and the teacher. It is a good icebreaker both for children and adults and helps students to speak.

The T (teacher) writes some words related with himself/herself on the board (age, shoe size, best friend name, school name, etc) and the students try to find what they are by asking yes/no questions. The student(s) who finds it can ask more detailed questions about that item in order to talk and get more information or can get a small candy as a reward. This can be done in various ways as the ss can question the teacher as a whole class or they can work in pairs, and after learning some about each other they can introduce/tell about their pairs to the whole class. An example is :
27 6
Burcak Kemal
7 Ankara

S: Is 27 your door number?
T: No
S2: Is 27 your age?
T: Yes
S2: When is your birthday?...

Burcu Tunca
Ankara, Turkey
[email protected]

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