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Hi. I am teaching Turkish, but I think my idea of reinforcing a grammar point (imperatives-very difficult in Turkish) works very well in the classroom and can be applied in English.
1- Find an authentic joke or article and cut them up in pieces ( max.8 pieces) Determine which places you are going to hide them around the school.
2- Write little clues indicating the place of split articles. For example:
Clue: Go to the pantry, open the right wing of cabinet, look under the plates.
When they look under the plates they will find another clue telling them where would be the next clue and a piece of an authentic text. In order to make it more interesting, I sometimes put a compass in one of the points and ask them to take 5 steps toward the east and look right etc....
When they came to the same point where they started they should be done. When they glue back the split article together, they are supposed to read and explain how they collected these small pieces.
This is also an excellent exercise for practising ..under the , behind well as imperatives. However in your clues you may use just sentences too. For example: instead of saying "go to" will say "you will go to.."
I hope it is not confusing but is an excellent idea it can be played outdoors too.
Deniz Tore
[email protected]

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