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Around the world at the beginning of the new year and even more so approaching the new millenium, radio and TV stations are pumping out their listeners' Top all time record lists..... So why don't we get our learners' to create thier own 'TOP' list of first lines/titles of songs they like, each demonstrating a tense or grammar point. For example:
No1: She loves me. Yeh! Yeh! Yeh! (The Beatles)
- for present simple third person '-s'
The great thing about a top ten list like this is the flexibility and the motivating catchyness of the first liners: You could make a class list or individual students could make their own. Lists can always be updated as new songs are released or as tastes change! You can make a beautiful display for all to see or keep it all to yourself. They can be done in class time or at home. Finally, try getting students to make a list a few weeks/days prior to exams or tests. Help them out by brainstorming all the structures they've learnt or that are likely to come up in the exam and then have them sing the whole way through exams!!!!
Paddy Greenleaf, Senior Teacher, International House, Viseu, Portugal
[email protected]

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