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My teacher Isn't a Robot!

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Perhaps this is an activity you've known for a long time, but this is the way I do it in class, and I hope you like it. It's the old "Getting to know your teacher" activity. Students feel curious about the teacher, and we're always demanding information from them, but we never let them know anything about us, and believe it or not, they tend to consider us some kind of robots, who are locked in a wardrobe after the class ends! Let them realize you're a person and you have a life, and write on the blackboard your name, surrounded by words that are answers to questions they should ask. Write obvious ones and difficult ones, for them in groups to think hard and feel the challenge. I usually do it like this:

25 The Black Cat Eternal Myriam Green Norway Angel Sara 39 Spaghetti Beautiful 1

It seems easy, but can you guess everything? Well, 1 means 1 sister.
Myriam is my sister's name. that's easy. But what's 39? (I'm 26, by the way, and I represent my age!!) It's my shoe size. Beautiful is my perfume, Green is a colour I hate.
My students had a good laugh! Don't be afraid to use personal info: they adore it. (of course without including intimate details)
Have fun!

Submitted by: Sara Martín
Canary Islands. Spain
[email protected]

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