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Motivating Songs

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I like working with songs very much, but I remember when I was at High School and my English teacher played "It's a Long Way to Tipperary" and that kind of songs! It was terribly boring! Of course teachers try to find a motivating song for their students, but we sometimes forget that our students' favourite groups rank does not include OUR favourite group. That's why my recipe is simple but it does work.
Ask your students which songs they'd like to work on in the class, and if you don't have such songs, borrow them from the students. Listen to them at home. Even the most idiomatic sort of English, or the most regionalist pronunciation may be taken advantage of, grading the task. Remember thet the aim is having fun, and motivating your students!

And don't use the fill in the gaps! (they hate it!) Why not scramble sentences, substituting words by invented ones, or mixing two different song lyrics. And above all, let them realize that they're taking part in their learning process, and that you like their collaboration!

OH! The lyrics! No problem using internet.

I hope you like my simple recipe! And have fun! REMEMBER: The Beatles are O.K., but give the teenagers a chance to teach you something about the new trends!

Submitted by: Sara Martín
Canary Islands. Spain
[email protected]

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