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Halloween Costume Consultants

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Divide the class into small groups and explain that each group
represents a competing Halloween costume consulting business. Give
each group several "costumes" that they have to design. Include some
classic costumes like witch, witch's cat,devil, pirate, mummy or Frankenstein, as
well as some less traditional ideas like Vincent Van Gogh, The Cat in
the Hat,"Voodoo" Doll, etc. Each group has to make a list of all the
materials necessary to create the costume. (Make sure students include
items like tape, hairpins, makeup, glue for fake facial hair...) Have
each group present their ideas to the class at the end. You can make
this a competition between groups (with each group having the same
costumes to design) or give the groups different costumes to design.
A fun extension is to have students make up phrases for each character
to say at parties. (one of my students suggested "Want to sleep in
my coffin?" for the mummy, as an example).

Karin Abell
Carrboro, NC

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