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High Low Jackpot

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This is based on a game played on "The Price is Right." It's pretty simple and gives high-beginner or low-intermediate students listening and speaking practice with prices. Go through newspaper ads and cut out pictures of a variety of things for sale (appliances, clothes, cars, food, etc.). Paste each picture on a card. With each picture, make a corresponding card that shows the price of the item.

Each student takes a turn. He/she gets a picture, shows it to the other students, but doesn't know the price. Show the price card to the other students in the class. The student then begins guessing the price of the item. The rest of the class helps him by responding to each guess with "too high", "too low", or, when he does get the right price, "Jackpot!" For more advanced students you can add a competitive edge by having students on teams, or placing a time limit on their guessing.

I've played this game a few times with adult students, and they've always enjoyed it. It works best with small groups of 4 to 10 students.

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