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"Perfect Modals" Salad

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I used to find it quite challenging to teach the "modal verbs+perfect Infinitives" construction to ESL students(e.g: might have done, etc). In some languages it is very difficult to find an appropriate pattern to help the students make the comparison. Once I was listening to ABBA's song "The Day Before You Came" and found out a great number of the "Perfect Modals" used in the lyrics. The constructions were so vital for the understanding of the content of the song and the song itself so easy to follow that I decided to use a basic "gap-fill" approach that would target the "Perfect modals". It worked so well that since that time it has always been my fovourite whenever I had to teach Upper-Intermediate or Advanced students this challenging language item. Simply make the copy of the lyrics, using liguid paper erase the perfect modals (either partially or completely) and have the students fill in the gaps while listening. Then ask them to reconstruct the event's in chronological order....Works great, believe me. Light but filling just like your favourite salad

Vad Fedotov,
ELTC, Edmonton, Canada
[email protected]

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