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Top 100 Conversation Patterns

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You can significantly increase the conversation skills of students by first helping to identify for them the top 100 English conversation patterns. In that way, they will be able begin to qucikly mimic patterns used by the native speaker. The native speaker will use at least 100 out of 150 patterns within an hour of conversation.
Most students begin learning language with the misconception that it is vocabulary building skills and understanding of grammar that will enable them to speak well and quickly. I have known 1000's of students that knew 1,000's of vocabulary words, have a better understanding of grammar rules than I, but were unable to hold the simplest of simple conversations.
You can put your students on the fast track by focusing their attention on La Bonte's Top 100 English Conversation Patterns.

Don La Bonte
[email protected]
Lombard, IL.

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