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Vocabulary Team Cooperation

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Hello everybody.
I have used this game for upper intermediate to advanced students.
I'm sure that it could be modified for lower levels as well. Create a
list of vocabulary words that your students defined in class. Words
that they have seen before. I used this method in a vocabulary class
and I chose a list of approx. 20-30 words every two weeks. In one
class they review the list in groups; defining as many words as they
can without looking at their notes or using the dictionary. When they
have defined as many words as possible they use the dictionaries
(English to English only!). They divide the the list of words that
they do not know and define their share to the rest of the group.
(this allows them to share the work as well as practice defining the
word for the others).
Next class is the game.
The class is divided into two teams. The rules are as follows:
-One person from one team comes up to the board. They must draw a
piece of paper from envelope one. Envelope one contains 4 different
choices for the student 1)define the word
2)pronounce the word
3)create a sentence with the word
4)spell the word
-If they pull spell the word, they draw from the 2nd envelope and
hand the word over to me. If they pull one of the others, they can
look at their word and write it one the board. The second envelope
contains the list of words that we had practiced in class.
-If they can do the task without help from their team then they get
2 points. If their team helps them then they get one point.
-If the team does not know the answer, then the other team can steal 1
point. But a WARNING. If the team that steals does not get the right
answer, then they lose a point.

My students have a lot of fun and even the quietest are squirming in
their seats and juming around when they know the answer.
I have also used this for idioms that we have read. Of course the
spelling and pronounciation are usually not benificial, so they must
keep drawing until they get a definition or create a sentence.

If you have any questions feel free to e-mail me.
Nickola Beauregard
Vancouver, B.C.
[email protected]


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