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Write the Correct Verb

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- To inforce students awarness of sentence structure.
- To give more challinging and less mechanical oral repetition.

Estimated time:
20 - 30 minutes.

1. After you have used any text for reading comprehension with your students, simply write the text up or just a paragraph if the text is long.

2. Get students in turn to underline on the white board the verbs in your text.

3. In the margin you WRITE: "VERB = *" or any other symbol you choose to refere to verbs in the text.

4. You read aloud the text chunk by chunk and students repeat after you. As you're reading erase underlined verbs and substitute them with the symbol you've chosen.

5. Get the whole class read from the beginning. This time they should substitute your symbols with the actual verb that was used in the text.

6. You can get individual students to read parts of the text untill students almost remebered all the verbs

7. You can repeat steps 2-6 with any other form such as adj., adv. prepositions and connectors.

8. As a final stage, you might end up with 75% of the text substituted with symbols. Now you can ask students to write down the original text relying on the symbols on the whiteboard. This is a new concept of dictation.

Name: Mohamed Amer
Email: [email protected]
Location: Cairo, Cairo Egypt

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