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Cutting Lyrics into Strips

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This is a very simple music/listening idea. Take the lyrics of a song and cut them into individual line strips. Make the font big. A good idea is to use a popular song that is relatively repetitive but has subtle changes (ie. I know.. by Dionne Farris). Clear off the table and spread out the lyric strips on the table. Play the song first without the students doing anything but listening and enjoying. The second time you play it, the students stand up and collectively try to order the strips correctly down the centre of the cleared-off table. It may take a few times through the song to get it all done correctly but you will find the level of participation high and the focus clearly on listening accuracy. We sometimes find using the cloze method of listening to music ineffective where students focus only on the missing parts and little else. Finally, choose songs appropriate to the level.

Name: Dan Harms
Email: [email protected]
Location: Kamloops, BC Canada

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